Comprehensive Suite of BPO
Outsourcing Services

Survey Data Processing
Services include converting paper-based surveys into a consolidated electronic file for reporting as well as data capture and survey design and support.

Data Capture & Forms Processing
We transcribe data from handwritten or printed documents, forms and surveys into the format you want, whether spreadsheet, database or text file.

Data Entry
We perform data entry for direct mail programs, market research studies and even across-the-board overhauls such as converting to a paperless office.

Document Scanning
Our BPO services include converting paper documents into digital form to eliminate paper files, making information readily accessible and shareable.

Printing & Mailing
Let Tab Service Company relieve you of mailing and lettershop services by helping you with mail piece design, testing and cost reduction advice.

Digital Mailroom
We partner with Chicagoland companies to pick up mail, create digital workflows, support mail-based payments and upload docs to a client network or FTP.

Tax Form Processing & E-Filing
Tab Service Company is an approved IRS vendor for 1099 filing and processing services, and we deliver 1098-T forms to students in compliance with federal regs.

Survey Data Processing
Need to gather data about your products, customers or markets? Tab Service Company is your partner in surveying, handling all processing tasks and providing end-to-end survey and market research support.

All data collection projects, from market research to customer or product satisfaction surveys, require a robust survey processing framework that meets the needs of organizations while fitting their budget. Many businesses find that it’s more cost-effective and efficient to rely on us to handle every part of the survey process, from start to finish.

What We Do
We have extensive expertise in designing surveys that are truly engaging. The whole point of a survey is to get your target market to respond, and we help you do just that. Our advanced questionnaire and form design services make the process enjoyable for your audience, helping you get the responses you need for accurate data analysis.

Whether you’re gauging the happiness of your employees or need to perform market research data analysis, we provide all the assistance you need for online or paper-based surveys. From developing the survey to analyzing responses, we manage all types of quantitative and qualitative surveys including:

Brand surveys
Customer satisfaction surveys
Education surveys
Exit interview surveys
Fulfillment surveys
Market surveys
Product surveys
Salesforce surveys
Workforce/job satisfaction surveys
Why Choose Us?
There are many benefits to outsourcing your survey tasks to our professional team. We have extensive experience with both small- and large-volume survey campaigns. Benefits include:

Automated workflow that eliminates errors and ensures compliance and confidentiality
Fast processing of a few hundred to several thousand forms and more
Reducing administrative costs
The Experts in End-to-End Survey Solutions
Since 1960, Tab Service Company has been the trusted leader in survey processing, helping businesses around the nation conduct engaging, effective surveys. Start your survey and get the data you need by calling us today at

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