Fen Jiu, a Chinese traditional mild-flavored spirit,  is made in Fenyang, in the Shan Xi Province.
It can be traced back over 6000 years to the ancient Yangshao culture period; over 1500 years with liquor fame as an highly praised imperial wine, and recorded in the history archives of 24 Dynasties!  It is acclaimed as the forefather of Chinese spirits!

Awarded with the Grand Medal at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco (the highest award for spirits at that time), Fen Jiu made its way from domestic to international.  

In 1949, Fen Jiu was selected as the spirit of the banquet that was held for celebrating the establishment of the People’s Republic of China,  and later nominated as 1 of the 4 national wines.  

From generation to generation, people have spent their lifetime perfecting the art of making Fen Jiu and today this unique Baijiu is ready to conquer the world !

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